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Past few years have been a roller coaster ride for the entire world. People went through numerous ups and downs in their lives, either their personal or professional ones. The biggest crisis that the major population has faced was the financial crisis. A lot of people lost their jobs or had to quit their jobs to move back to their native cities, many companies were not able to pay their employees on time and many businesses were closed due to Lockdown.

The very first thing that people were looking for was a Work-From-Home job, where they can sit at their desk and work from home for 8 straight hours. The Internet was the only thing that helped people 24×7. Major financial problems that people faced were high debts, EMI’s, Monthly Bill Payments and exhausted emergency savings. So the very first idea that came to people’s mind was finding a Part-Time Work From Home job, where they can work after their office hours and earn some extra money to fulfil their requirements.

Jobs You Should Look For During Pandemic

There are various types of jobs available on the internet but finding the most suitable one can be a bit tricky. Either you need a Full Time or a Part-Time one, the job needs to be compatible with your work environment (which is actually your home at the moment). Below are the examples for a few types of jobs that you should look for considering the above circumstances:

Content Writing

People who own websites need unique content otherwise Google detects plagiarism. This is the reason why a lot of content writing jobs are available online. There are different types of content writing such as SEO content, website content, blog content, scriptwriting, ad content, feature writing, press release, digital magazine content and even captions for Social Media.

Social Media Marketing

Here you can personally approach small businesses and request them to give their social media handles to you. All you need is to ask for their products’ images, check out their competitor brands and start posting daily on their social media handles. This will provide them with a good engagement and perfect presence on social media, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can also attend a few free digital marketing classes to do this more professionally.

Graphic Designing

If you are good at graphic designing, you can easily get a work from home job on freelancing platforms. Also, it will be great if you have an online portfolio ready.

Website Development

Just like graphic design, finding a website development job is easy. All you need to do is visit the freelance platforms online and apply for the projects that you are interested in. Your confidence is the key to success in this case.

Data Entry Operator

A lot of data stored online is in image form, companies and even the government requires to convert this data into documents and PDFs, this is why there is a huge scope of getting a data entry job online. All you need to have is a good typing speed.

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